Welcome to 'The Abyss'.


In a nutshell, this is a build-type server, but can also be used for many different things, mainly to have fun, because that's what gaming is all about.

If you have any questions or would like to drop the owner a question, email mattjeanes23@gmail.com.


Our server rules are:
  • No intentional crashing of the server. (e.g. Spamming)
  • Don't be a prick to people.
  • Try not to ask for rankups or disallowed tools/weapons. They are disabled for a reason.
  • Do not use any E2's built simply to minge or annoy.
  • Don't use any hacks, you'll get banned by garry for using them anyway.
  • Please respect all ranks. If someone is causing trouble use !report on them.
  • Any "drunk" thing is banned because they lag, e.g. Drunk Combine/Drunk Crow.
  • Don't prop-push, that's annoying.
  • Please do not go round shooting people if the server is not on PvP mode, again it's really annoying.
  • Do not abuse PewPew if you have access to it - you will be temporarily demoted.
  • Do not use the TARDIS to ram or fly near people or their stuff when unwanted.
  • English only, in both voice and text chat.
  • No shitty/laggy E2s, a full list of banned E2s is available here.
Failure to follow these rules will get you kicked, banned, or perma-banned depending on the severity or repetition of them.

Note: We may take a screenshot of your game for administrative purposes if you are suspected of hacking. If you object to this do not go on the server.

You have been warned.


The server has a pass-phrase on this MOTD to stop people from not even making an attempt to read this page, which I think is pretty fair.

The password you need to type into that box below is:

Small Child

Note: The code is not caps sensitive.


Q: Why is the duplicator disabled?
A: Before it was disabled, people always spawned things from workshop that would often disrupt the server, cause massive lag or generally annoy people. You can use the Adv Duplicator if you want to be able to save your works.

Q: What do we do in this server?
A: It's (usually) running sandbox, so whatever you like as long as you're following all of the rules in doing so.

Q: May I have a rank-up?
A: Not by asking, no. If we feel you should get a rank-up you'll get it. Automatic rank-ups are available though, with Guest Pro at 3 hours and Member at 1 day playtime.

Q: Why can't I spawn something?
A: This highly depends what it is. Some things are rank restricted, and as seen above you will automatically progress through ranks as you play on the server, from Guest to Member.

Q: When will I get my rank back if I was temporarily demoted?
A: Usually it will be 1 day (of playtime, not in realtime), but this can change depending on the reason demoted.

Q: What's the password to get in?
A: Scroll up, you missed it.

Q: How do I become a donator?
A: By clicking the button below, but remember you must donate above 5 to get the rank. Please include your steam name or (preferably) SteamID so I can identify you on the server.

NOTE: The donator rank does not make you immune from kicks, bans or even perma-bans. The donation is final, no refunds unfortunately. This is because if someone pays for donator and then uses their new-found abilities to be an ass, they'll get banned and if they got their money back after it - well that's just unfair. If you don't agree to this do not donate!